Teaching Materials: Three-Party Role Play Simulation on Brazilian Social Mediation Case


This paper presents new teaching materials on conflict management regarding to mediation subject involving gender, stereotypical and generation conflicts through the development of three-party role play simulation plus detailed instructions and teaching notes regarding a youngster involved with traffic dealers in a slum at Rio de Janeiro as scenario. The case was designed to develop and encourage the dissemination of Mediation skills among students, through a simulation in which environment is traditionally dominated by drug dealers and militians, in Brazil and the challenges faced. Different types of Mediators are also employed, such as facilitating, formulating and manipulating mediators. The role play simulation is designed to: (a) to provide teachers with educational tools and new insights about how to address solutions to gender, stereotypical, social and generational conflicts (b) enhance students’ skills on mediation, conflict management and consensus building and (c) provoke debates in classroom regarding to changes in the Brazilian urban conflicts.  

Keywords: Consensus Building, Mediation, Social Conflicts

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 10-25 (Download PDF)

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