The Impact of Social Networking on Academic Performance in Mathematics in Selected Secondary Schools in Edo State


This study was aimed at investigating the impact of social networking on the academic performance of secondary school students in mathematics using selected secondary schools in Edo State. The study was necessitated by the relative new culture of communication and connecting with friends via the internet in this part of the world. The work also seeks to find out what motivate students to study mathematics. The study adopted descriptive research design; simple random sampling procedure was used to select ten public and private secondary schools out of the lot in the area. The research instrument used for data collection was questionnaire. The data obtained from respondents were analyzed using simple percentage and the results were briefly discussed. The findings revealed that students disposition towards their teacher (mathematics teacher in this case) and their intended career can motivate them to study mathematics; students have access to phones, computers and other communication devices and the internet. Majority of the respondents indicate that social networking do not have negative effect on their study habits. It was recommended that students should be enlightened on the academic advantage in social networks and guided to avoid been distracted from their studies.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Mathematics, Nigeria, Social Networking

Article Review Status: Published

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