Training Needs of Business Educators in the Universities for Sustainable Development in Rivers State, Nigeria


Business education is relevant for human growth, development and sustainability. This study is aimed at determining the training needs of business educators in universities for sustainable development in Rivers State. The researchers adopted descriptive survey research design. The study was carried out in Rivers State. The population of the study comprised 53 lecturers of business education in universities in Rivers State. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. Mean with standard deviation was used to analyze data related to the research questions. The z-test was used to test the null hypotheses at .05 level of significance. The findings of the study showed that business education teachers need ICT and cash management skills for successful operation of small scale business for sustainable development in Rivers State of Nigeria. Based on the findings, the researchers recommended among others that business educators should be trained and re-trained on cash management skills for sustainable development in Rivers State of Nigeria.

Keywords: Business Education, Business Educators and Sustainable Development, Training needs

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