Prevention of Discrimination and Violence in Grassroot Sport in School and Sports Clubs


The purpose of the study is to clarify the various national contexts and characteristics in the manifestations of violence, racism and discrimination in grassroots sport in schools and sport clubs. It aims to identify good practices and innovative approaches that are applied at regional, national and international levels that will help the PE teachers end coaches to deal effectively with violence, racism, lack of tolerance. The research was conducted during June – September 2015 through a focus-group discussion and interview with key experts in physical education and sport. The interviews outline that the poverty and other kinds of differences like the ethnicity, race and culture are risky factors provoking discrimination in sport should be approbated. In summary, the needs of the teachers and the coaches refer to possibilities and conditions to have institutional mechanisms, which can provide them professional support, and cooperative social measures for dealing with discrimination.

Keywords: Coaches, Discrimination, Grassroots sports, PE teachers, School, Violence

Article Review Status: Published

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