Utilization of Training Fund for Staff Development in Adamawa State Local Government Service Commission


The objective of this paper is to examine the utilization of training fund on staff development in Adamawa State Local Government Service Commission.  The paper particularly examines the impact of in-service training, workshops and seminars on staff development.  The ex-post factor design was adopted for the study. Secondary data were collected from the annual audited financial statements of the commission from 2010-2014.  Descriptive analysis approach was adopted for the analysis of the data. The finding reveals that training fund is very vital for staff development and organizational productivity. Similarly, the finding also reveals that there is inadequate training fund allocated to the commission by the state government.  The outcome further showed that workshops programmes conducted for the local Government staff are not only infrequent, but also, hardly take place at strategic periods. The paper therefore, recommends that the commission should be adequately funded in order to organize more and qualitative training such as workshops, in-service training, seminars and conferences to enhance staff capacity for optimal performance and high productivity. Additionally, the training fund allocated to the commission should be exclusively and wholly used for the purpose of organizing workshops and seminars on regular basis. Furthermore, there is a need to make educational qualification as a pre-requisite for recruitment, selection, promotion and placement of workers to enhance their performances.

Keywords: Training Fund; Staff Development; Organizational Productivity, Workshops; In-Service; Seminars

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