Factors affecting perfection and quality of work (Itqan) Applied Study on workers who belong to Shaqra University, College of Science and Humanities Studies (Thadiq), KSA


This study mainly focused on the factors that affect the Itqan or the perfection of any work. The paper depends on a simple random sample of size 211 items. A questionnaire of 26 variables or question was used to collect data from employee and students of faculty of science and humanity, Shaqra University, KSA during may 2016. In the final results, there are 5 factors affecting the Itqan (perfection). These factors are creative and administrative, environmental, the spiritual, incentives, and Administrative factor respectively.

Keywords: Itqan-Perfection-Factor Analysis- Shaqra University-Omdurman Islamic University

Article Review Status: Published

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