Geometric Modeling and Design of a Trapezoid Prism Recharger Cascade


The geometric modeling and design of a trapezoidal prism (recharger casing) also known as regenerator cascade, was carried out with respect to basic surface area of known shapes. It considered four trapezoids, a rectangular base and a thermal source. Aluminum metal was used as a result of its high reflectivity, heat conduction and light weight. The shapes were cut according to dimension and adhesive was used to form the component. The regenerator cascade is a containment that directs radiation which falls on it onto photovoltaic panels when positioned on the panel.  The results obtained were a reflection of 92 percent of the nominal power incident on the casing and 42% of the radiation incident on the photovoltaic panel.

Keywords: Geometric modeling; Regenerator cascade; Thermal Source; Solid works; Photovoltaic panel; Radiation.

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