The Use of Natural Fiber Composites for Bumper Materials


Bumper is an essential exterior part of passenger cars to protect the cars from the more expensive damage when two cars crash each other since crash is unavoidable things for bumper cars.In addition, the growth of car production recently does not only give rise to the more crowded traffic but also the more crash happened on the road.. Thus, this research is focused on the use of natural fiber composites in order to produce the more resistant bumper to the collision and crash. Three natural fiber composites are used, namely;carbon charcoal, grass and banana stem fiber. In order to achieve the objectives, this research was conducted by using experimental method to test the superiority of polyester resin mixture by testing all natural fibers using, they are;tensile and compressive static test, and impact as well. This research found that carbon charcoal fiber composite is more resistant to the crash, since the impact strength of charcoal carbon is 67.14 kJ/m2 which is higher than the SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) Indonesia National Standard impact strentgh which is 50kJ/m2.

Keywords: Bumpe, Natural fiber composites, Polyester Resin

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