The Efficiency of Mixed Surfactants as air entraining agents in Cement Pastes


The interaction that occurs when combining surfactants is more than the sum of the properties of each surfactants. These interactions can either enhance or detract from the action of these surfactants as air entraining agents. In an attempt to understand these interactions of some surfactants used as air entraining agents, the effect of several air-entraining agents was compared, in addition to two mixtures of them. The results show that CABP surfactants can be used lonely and in conjunction with other surfactant groups, taking into consideration that the compatibility of betaines with anionic surfactants is better than that with cationic surfactants. Higher compressive strength and less pore size appeared when using LM solo and in mixes which demonstrates the positive impact of using LM in these mixes

Keywords: CABP, Compressive Strength, HYPR, LM, SDBS, SEM, air-entraining agent, density, mixed surfactant

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