Influence of Procurement Records Management on Performance of Procurement Function in Service State Corporations in Kenya


Procurement records being the documents that are created or received in course of administrative and executive transactions provide memory of the government and audit trail in respect of its financial transactions and evidence of its policies and activities for those to whom it is accountable. Poor procurement record management has been identified as one of the key impediments to the effective performance of procurement function. Often procurement files are incomplete, lost or destroyed so that crucial procurement information that can be used as evidence is not found. The situation is compounded by the failure to integrate procurement record keeping with the broader records management function. Without proper records management, neither the government nor its citizens can function effectively. This paper investigates the Influence of Procurement Records management on Performance of procurement function in Service State Corporations in Kenya. The process of Data encryption, Audit trails and ISO 15489 Compliance are critical variables discussed to bring out key areas of this study. The research design adopted was a survey design which enabled understanding of the totality of an individual’s experience.  A stratified random sampling technique was used to come up with the sample size. Data was analyzed using Analysis of Variance and statistical package of Social Science and Analysis of Variance where the significant level was at 95%. The study concludes that, to enable for the physical and logical control of records and to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, loss, misplacement or destruction of documents, service state corporations must ensure there is proper management of procurement records system

Keywords: Audit trails, Data Encryption, ISO 15489 Compliance and Performance of Procurement Function, Procurement records management

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