The Public Procurement Reforms in Nigeria: Implementation and Challenges


The paper presents as analyzed insight to the public procurement reforms in Nigeria. The public procurement as one the major functions of government in Nigeria is playing a significant roles toward infrastructural development in Nigeria. Reforming in the public procurement sector was necessary to regulate the entire procurement process. The set up of the due process policy in 2011, Public Procurement Act 2007 his revealed a lot as to the unprofessional nature in the public process in Nigeria. The paper proffer sound public procurement practices as a panacea to the reform and implementation in Nigeria. It revealed that weak public procurement system and practices characterized by corruption and lack of accountability, transparency, competition and fairness. Data were sourced basically from secondary source. The study identified the factors that undermine integrity in the public process.

Keywords: Implementation, Public Procurement, Reforms, Transparency

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 53-61 (Download PDF)

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