Patient Satisfaction and Operations Management: A Service Dominant Logic Approach


The purpose of this paper is to involve patients in making decisions by applying Service Dominant Logic (SDL) to healthcare. The conceptual model in this paper uses two constructs to link the collaboration among stakeholders and the patient as an end user. Based on SDL, the study suggests that patient satisfaction is influenced by the relation between healthcare stakeholder interactions and collaboration among all agents in the healthcare network. This study suggests that educating and training the medical staff is an essential antecedent to healthcare stakeholders’ collaboration, which in turn leads to improved clinical and process quality in healthcare institutions, and greater patient satisfaction. The research is based upon a review of complementary theoretical and empirical literature on SDL and the healthcare industry. The research target for this paper is large hospitals and their networks in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: Stakeholders, clinical and process quality, operations management, patient satisfaction, service dominant logic


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