Literature Review Supporting Development of a Resilience-Oriented Supplier Segmentation Method


Supply chain exposure to major disruptions has increased following trends of globalization, reduced inventory, and increased reliance on strong relationships with fewer suppliers. Many management strategies for increasing resilience are discussed in literature, but these often require trade-offs in other performance areas, such as cost. A structured method is needed to ensure selection of the best strategy for any given sourcing scenario. Supplier segmentation is a method that has been used to identify appropriate procurement strategies for groups of suppliers with similar needs. However, existing segmentation methods have not focused on the goal of choosing strategies that support increased supply chain resilience. Through systematic literature review, this work identifies and categorizes a set of management strategies and supply chain characteristics that can increase resilience. By identifying factors to enable resilience and relating them to existing dimensions of supplier segmentation, this research introduces an approach to supplier segmentation for increased resilience.

Keywords: Buyer, Risk Management, Supplier Relationships, Supplier Segmentation, Supply chain management, Systematic Literature Review

Article Review Status: Published

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