The increase in number of domestic airlines operators flying same routes has resulted in upsurge in competition for traffic among airline operators in Nigeria. In this light, this study evaluated Nigeria domestic airline services that are preferred by numerous airline passengers in the country. The study was carried out in Lagos; between September 3rd and 19th of October 2014. Random sampling technique was used for the study. Data were collected with pre-tested and validated questionnaire. The questionnaire was administered to 550 airline passengers. Information was gathered on air traveler’s socio-economic characteristics, airline service characteristics, airlines of choice and the attributes that influences their preference decision. Data collected were analysed using conjoint analysis. Findings from the study showed that price (3.30) is the most preferred attribute followed by flight convenience (2.968), frequency of flight (2.906), comfort (1.294) and lastly courtesy (1.038) of the total utility of 11.506. However, the utility estimate shows higher preference for good on board comfort with a utility value of (1.294) over the excellent on board comfort while courtesy on the part of airline staff and workers contributes (1.038) of the total utility of 11.548 is next preferred by sampled airline passengers. The result concluded that airline passengers would prefer domestic airline with particular characteristics which are in order of off peak price, flight convenience in the morning, frequency of flight for 3 to 4 times daily, good on board comfort and good courtesy from staff. Thus Airline operators need to take the identified attributes preferred by customers very serious in provision of their services.

Keywords: Conjoint, Courtesy, Domestic, Passenger, Preference

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