Sexual Harassment Experiences of Hospitality Interns in Ghana


The study was undertaken to investigate  experiences of  sexual harassment by hospitality  interns  in Ghana.   Phenomenology  design was employed for the study to  collect data from  final year 2020/2021 B-Tech Hospitality interns who were doing a four-month internship programme. Semi-structured interview was used and validated through peer review and re-reading.  The study revealed  that  interns were  unaware of sexual harassment policies and were not given any form of sexual harassment orientation  prior to their posting. The study further established that interns experienced sexual harassment at their various work places but refused to report  any  of  the cases. Additionally, the results of the  study  have brought to the fore that  uniforms worn by interns, their youthful ages and their attractiveness were  major causes of sexual harassment of hospitality interns. This study is important as it offers current empirical data of hospitality  interns experiences of  sexual harassment and beefed literature which seems not known to exist in a developing country, Ghana.The study recommends that Management of Technical Universities  should organise orientation on sexual harassment for interns prior to their postings so as to alert and protect them from any forms of sexual harassment.

Citation: Noble Amoako Sarkodie and  Vida Commey (2022)  Sexual Harassment Experiences  of Hospitality Interns in Ghana, European Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Vol.10, No.2, pp., 1-12

Keywords: Gender-neutral clothing, Hospitality interns, Sexual Harassment, Sexual harassment policy, expriences


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