Evaluation of Impact of Tourism on the Quality of Life of the Host Community Resident in Idanre, Ondo State, Nigeria


Previous studies across the world have highlighted the relationship between tourism, community development and resident quality of life. In Nigeria, this relationship has not been widely investigated as a subject of tourism research. Therefore, the study investigates the impact of tourism on the quality of life of the host community in Idanre. The study adopts survey research design using qualitative (interview) and quantitative (questionnaire) methods. The findings reveal that cultural festivals celebrated at Idanre hill and the attraction site have a lot of impact on the socio-cultural and spiritual benefit (such as contributing to cultural preservation and boosting the morale of the community) which influence the quality of life of the community resident positively. In conclusion there is a significant relationship between perception of community residents about tourism impact and their age distribution and involvement in tourism business and activities which is validated by social exchange theory.


Keywords: Quality of life, Social Exchange Theory, Tourism, tourism impact

Article Review Status: Published

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