Road Transport Management and Customer Satisfaction in Nigeria: A Study of Imo State Transport Company, Nigeria


Road transportation is one of the engine of an economy as it links both the producers and consumers. But ineffective and inefficient management of road transportation system have crippled development of the Nigerian economy and social activities which have resulted in dissatisfaction among the customers in the industry. To this end, the study examined road transport management and customers’ satisfaction in Nigeria using SERVQUAL Model with focus on Imo Transport Company. Nigeria. The study used primary data collected through questionnaire as survey instrument to elicit the service quality perceptions of road passengers. The results of the study indicated that the six SERVQUAL dimension showed that there is a strong relationship between customers’ satisfaction and public transport service in Nigeria. Thus, from perspectives of the passengers, road transportation and customer’s satisfaction is very essential for the movement of goods and people. Based on the finding, the study recommended regular maintenance of vehicles and roads and provision of quality customer services that will satisfy the commuters who constantly use the roads must be put in place in order to achieve customers’ satisfaction and thus improve economic activities.

Keywords: Customers, Management, Road Transport, Satisfaction, commuter

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