Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry: The Case Study of the Tamale Metropolis


The study investigated factors affecting customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry in Tamale by assessing the extent to which staff’s personal adaptation to customers’ expectation, friendliness, physical environment and employee’s emotional stability influence customer satisfaction. The study employed a cross-sectional survey and adopted a quantitative approach. A purposive sampling method was used in selecting five (5) hotels rated between 1 to 3-star in Tamale. Convenience sampling technique was used to sample 200 respondents. The results revealed adaptation to customers’ need, friendliness, the ambience of the hotels and staff’s emotional stability significant to customer satisfaction. The study found a notable correlation between customer satisfaction and the quality of service. Direct personnel services, room quality was also found as key determinates influencing customer satisfaction in the hotels than the outside environment. The research therefore, recommends hotel management to review and evaluate their customer database to include guest personality traits.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Ghana, Personality, physical evidence, staff service quality

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