Community Radios for Sustainable Domestic Tourism in Africa: A Reflection on the significance of Community Radios in Promoting Domestic Tourism in Tanzania


This paper aimed at underscoring the significance of community radio stations as an avenue for promoting domestic tourism in Africa, specifically in Tanzania. The paper attempts to reflect on the importance of incorporating community radios in the promotion of sustainable domestic tourism in the developing countries. The paper also points out some of the challenges facing tourism industries in the developing countries. It also presents and discusses diverse case studies on the significance of community radios in promoting domestic tourism. The paper also highlights the state and nature of domestic tourism in Tanzania. The reviewed case studies and literature reveals that community radio stations have significant contribution in promoting domestic tourism in the country. This is due to the fact that the community radio stations are basically people centered stations which allow community members to fully participate and contribute to such radio stations, thus, the utilization of such community radio stations is paramount for the promotion of domestic tourism in the country.      

Keywords: community radio, promoting, sustainable domestic tourism, the significance


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