Economic Significance and benefits of Mare festival to the Community of Idanre, Ondo State


Festivals are celebrations of important events that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the people in a particular community. This study is hinged on the need to explore significance, impacts and benefits of Mare Festival to the host communities of Idanre in Ondo-State, Nigeria. Data collection was through administration of structured questionnaires to 200 respondents and Key Informant Interview with the purposively selected Staff of Ondo State Ministry of Culture and Tourism; and High Chief Soore of Idanre. Data was analyzed using SPSS 21 and presented descriptively in form of tables and figures. Thematic analysis of the qualitative data collected through interview was carried out. Greater percentage of the participants are in the age range of 20-39 (65%) and male (55.5%)/ Mare festival has cultural (52%), social (56%) and historic (48.5%) significance as expressed by the respondents. Mare festival has impacted the respondents positively (67%) through additional sales of goods and services (64.5%). This study recommends collaboration and partnership with other relevant organisations in celebrating this event. The need for improved infrastructure facilities and incorporating cultural attributes if people of Idanre in Mare festival are emphasized.

Keywords: Community, Partnership, benefits. cultural heritage, celebration, festivals

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