Tourism Product Development, a Strategy of Managing Plastic Solid Waste in Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya


Contemporary art tourism is new in Kenya but it is considered as old as tourism itself because for centuries many societies had already given much appreciation for the arts and culture. Recycling of plastic materials is being encouraged because of the negative effects plastic products do have on the environment all over the world. The objective of the study is to find out whether contemporary art as a form of sustainable new tourism product will help in managing plastic waste at Dandora dumpsite in Nairobi, Kenya. The study looked at new tourism product development and the importance of innovation in establishing tourism products in Kenya. A semi structured questionnaire and interviews were used to collect data from representative stakeholders. The results indicated that plastic waste affects the lives of many negatively and recommends sustainable measures of contemporary art by recycling the plastic waste

Keywords: Contemporary Art, Innovation, Plastic waste management, Sustainable tourism, new tourism product

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