Economic Analysis of Rice Marketing In Some Selected Local Government Areas of Ekiti State, Nigeria


This study examined economic analysis of rice marketing in some selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Ekiti State, Nigeria. A total of one hundred and twenty respondents were sampled for the study in three (LGAs) in Ekiti State. A multi-stage random sampling technique was used to collect the sample. The result of the socio-economic characteristics of the marketers in the study area showed that the marketers were experienced. The results also indicated that majority of the respondents involved in marketing of food items (95%) while only 5% also practiced farming. The result of the findings showed that rice availability is very regular (80%) in the study area. The marketing margin was highest in Ijero (LGA) with 900 per 50kg of rice and the marketing efficiency was highest in Ado (LGA) (0.93). The gross margin analysis obtained was 106,207.80, revealing that rice marketing is a profitable business in the study area.

Keywords: Analysis, Economic, Marketing, Rice

Article Review Status: Published

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