The Effect Of Palm Oil Leaves and its Concentrate Based on Local Sources to Increase Male Weight of Aceh Cow in Aceh Tamiang District, Indonesia


This study was aimed at providing information to farmers about the benefits of palm oil leaf waste and concentrates for male weight gain in Aceh cow, the use of the percentage of palm oil leaves and concentrates to increase male weight of Aceh cow, and to provide the information about the relationship between palm oil leaves and concentrates for male weight gain in Aceh cow. The data were analyzed by using analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine the effect of treatment on observed parameters. This study used a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisting of 3 treatments from feed concentrate and 3 replicates. The result showed that that the supply of oil palm leaves and concentrates had an effect on body weight gain, feed consumption, feed conversion and ration efficiency. Based on the average increase in male body weight of Aceh cows is highest in treatment C 0.53 Kg, with the consumption of dry ingredients ration 3.29 Kg, the average maximum ration conversion is in treatment A (9.41 Kg), the average maximum ration efficiency is in the treatment B (0.18%) so that it can be used as information for fattening feed in male Aceh cows because it can increase body weight gain.

Keywords: Palm oil; Aceh cow; treatment; animal feed; palm oil leaves; male weight

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