Optimization of Screw Press Extraction of Citrillus Lanatus Seed Oil and Physicochemical Characterization


The aim of this study was to optimize the extraction of C. lanatus seed oil using a screw press. Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed to describe the effects of pressing temperature and restriction diameter on oil yield and residual oil content using a Doehlert design. The seed oil extracted was characterized to determine its quality. Results showed that the experimental data were adequately fitted into the second-order polynomial model. The pressing temperature and restriction diameter had a significant effect on the screw press performance. The optimum conditions within the experimental domain were the pressing temperature of 92 °C and restriction diameter close to 4 mm. Under these conditions, the oil yield was 38.79%. The colour of clarified oil was light yellow. Its physical and chemical properties come up to the required standard for edible oil. Therefore, C. lanatus seed oil extracted by screw press could have important applications in human nutrition

Keywords: Citrullus Lanatus, Oil Yield, Screw Press, Seed Oil, optimization

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