Cultural Hegemony and the Teaching of Global English Language: Indian Perspective


Globalization has manifold implications and importance. From Political to financial from trade and commerce to culture and social behaviour. The post globalized world has seen the cultural invasion of America and Europe in various ways. One of the prominent ways of this cultural invasion is the supreme importance of the English language. They have made the English language their medium of cultural dissemination resulting into the supremacy of the occidental culture in oriental countries. Through language culture is spread and through culture their literature, music, food, lifestyle everything is spread and makes room for billion-dollar business. This paper aims at finding the roots of Cultural Hegemony of the west through the teaching of American English in the guise of Global English.

Citatuon: Lilack Biswas (2022) Cultural Hegemony and the Teaching of Global English Language: Indian Perspective, European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, Vol.10, No.5, pp.1-9

Keywords: Culture, English language teaching, Globalization, cultural hegemony, global English, transnational English


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