English Language as a Personality Marker among Senior Secondary School Students in Owerri Zone, Imo State, Nigeria


The state of English language as a personality marker was investigated among senior secondary school students in Owerri zone, Imo State Nigeria. Study data were collected by means of a structured and pre-tested questionnaire based on Likert 5-point ratings. Mann-Whitney method was used to analyse the data by estimating mean scores. Results showed that sampled students felt happier in using English in their communications than their mother language, Igbo (L1). Findings showed that English language use by the sampled students promoted their ego among their peers who find it difficult to communicate in English language. Finally, the study provided high evidence to demonstrate that Senior Secondary School Students learning English in Owerri zone use ability to communicate in English as personality marker. The study recommended that learners’ immediate,  short-term interests   such  as elevating their status through learning English language  should  be carefully  monitored and  channeled to  their  long-term goals  so as to avoid possible  negative  effect on learners’ personality  changes

Keywords: Ethnicity, Igbo Language, Learning, Personality, Second Language

Article Review Status: Published

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