The effect of learning Based – Blackboard System in improving students’ performance in learning English


This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of learning Based on the Blackboard System in improving students’ performance in learning English in the department of English at Al- jouf University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A group of 60 female students of the university participated in a quasi-experimental study for approximately eight weeks. The experimental group learned English from the two carefully selected with Blackboard system discussion board and virtual classes, while the control group learned English through activity-based lessons. A pre-test and post-test were conducted in the first and eight weeks. The findings indicate that the experimental group outperformed the control group statistically in the post-test. The students in the experimental group generally preferred learned English supplemented with Blackboard application discussion board and virtual classes to conventional activity- bases lessons. The teachers believed highly of the Blackboard system–based instruction virtual classes and discussion board, but they expressed concern that extra support was required if the virtual classes and discussion board were adopted as a core part of the teaching and learning process.

Keywords: Blackboard system, Learning English, Students performance

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