Towards The Reformation of The Child: A Study of Zoe and Janet Graham’s My Grandma Is a Witch


Children are precious gifts from God and so they are seen as the root of love binding families together. In many parts of Africa, any family without children is assumed not complete yet. This is why men and women who are married do anything to have children. In many parts of Africa, women who have no children for their husbands are derided. In most cases, their husbands are under pressure to marry another wife just to have children. Those who have children are happy. However, it is better for a family not to have a child than to have children not trained; untrained children are threats to parents and to the society at large. The researchers are of the view that literature is an indispensable means of educating the child. The researchers see the structural approach as the appropriate theory for analyzing the paper. They have explored Graham’s My Grandma is a Witch and have observed that the authors have used apt method of characterization as a means of educating the child.

Keywords: Characterization, Didactic, Graham, children, children’s literature

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