Twoness in Philippe Wamba’s Kinship: A Family Journey in Africa and America


Philippe Wamba was an outstanding and very well-known author of African-American literature. He was widely recognized writer for his fusion of African and African-American culture. In his first novel Kinship, he describes his personal experiences as an African American man. He was born in California and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As he was growing up in a global world, he was always trying to unite the two different cultures and two identities. This novel sheds light on the issues of African American literature with the combination of historical evaluation, personal accounts, and political criticism. This memoir discusses the issues related to personal and global identities as individuals and nations. This personal memoir was not his only of him, but it is representative of all African Americans and the Africans. He draws the very broad historical references to people and events that were very important resource on this present issue

Keywords: African-American literature, Homeland., Philippe Wamba, Twoness

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