The Repercussions of Childhood Experiences and the Resultant Neurosis: The Heights of Criminality and Fixation in Shobha De’s Strange Obsession


This research article is an effort to examine the eccentricities and neurotic persona of an atypical female character in Shobha De’s Strange Obsession who is strangely obsessed for an attractive young lady Amrita, travelled from Delhi to profession oriented Bombay to pursue a career in modelling. Strange Obsession is a tale of a psychosomatic woman named Meenakshi Iyengar who had a miserable and troubled childhood, being a single child of an Inspector General of Police and a social worker mother. Because of imbalanced development in childhood and being a spoilt child of a powerful Police authority, Minx starts extracting pleasure by exploiting people as a compensation for her own anxieties and insecurities. The heights of alternative homosexuality and criminality are skilfully presented through manipulative strategies and merciless behaviour of neurotic Minx. Moreover in the light of Simone de Beauvoir and Sigmund Freud’ theories of lesbianism and fixation, the resultant neurosis and afflicted psyche are well investigated in this article with an amalgam of the stark realities of higher-strata modelling world and sadistic homosexual tendencies.

Keywords: Criminality, Fixation, Homosexuality, Neurosis, Psychosomatic, Sadistic

Article Review Status: Published

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