Critical Facets for Understanding and Enjoyment of English Poetry


In this article various critical opinions of prominent critics and poets on poetry and poems are to be examined in detail. Firstly, some statements and opinions, in connection with poetry are to be presented critically.  An acquaintance with poetry opens the mind to the wonder and joy of living and it can be related to ‘form’ as well as ‘meaning’ and how poets of different centuries have seen new and fresh possibilities within the unchanging limitations of poetry. It is also examined many critical observations of some particular poets and critics are done. This paper also related various poetical issues of great literary persons from classical age to modern age i.e. Horace to W. B. Yeats. In addition, the other poets such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, Byron, Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Tennyson, Browning, Arnold, Eliot and Auden are presented with apt instances. Finally the conclusion is drawn on the basis of the review of literature indicated.

Keywords: Appreciation, Creativity, Imagination, Metre, Poetry, Understanding

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