Investigating Modernistic Elements in Nocturnal Orchestra of Woods


Present study investigates modernistic elements in Reza Ghasemi’s masterpiece ‘Nocturnal Orchestra of Woods’. This specific book has caught so much attention in Iran, and deserves a chance to be known worldwide. The overall organization of present study is, first to provide a short description of various types of elements in a narrative and second, to explain modernism in fictional literature and its most important elements using scientifically authorized sources in literary criticism. Structural analysis of the novel in terms of most important elements is provided briefly, and signs of modernistic features such as: theme, character, story, plot, structure etc. are discussed. Moreover, most prominent elements of the novel is provided holistically. The results prove that modernistic elements in the novel are clear and copious enough to consider and classify the novel as an example of Modernistic novel.

Keywords: Modernistic elements., Nocturnal Orchestra of Woods, fictional literature, story elements

Article Review Status: Published

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