Neo-Colonialism is a Stage Designed by Colonial Powers to give the Colonized an Illusion of Freedom: A Neo Colonial Analysis of Things Fall Apart


This research paper aims at exploring how neo-colonialism is an indirect survival of colonial system. The assumptions of Nkrumah and Young along with the supporting views of Sarte and Bhaba regarding neo-colonialism have been used as a major theoretical framework for this paper. The novel Things Fall Apart (1958) has been chosen to show that neo-colonialism is in fact killing of two birds with one stone. It shows that how white men indirectly started working on colonizing the minds of people. The new globe order does not allow the direct rule therefore specific local bourgeoisie class plays the role of middle man in transferring the nation’s wealth and resources to the ex-colonizers.

Keywords: Colonialism, Indirect rule, Neo-colonialism, Young

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