Ecofeminism in Fatema Mernisi’s Dreams of Trespass


This paper deals with ecofemisim as it is presented in literature. The term came out as a new wave for the feminist theory and developed to be a field of study and a critical point in literary analyses.

Fatema Mernisi is a feminist writer who represents her attitudes in her different writings and researches. Her novel Dreams of Trespas: Tales of Al Harem Girldhood is one of her known works concerning her ideals. It is a novel about colonized women in Morocco who are eager to get some freedom. Within the gradual trace of her childhood, the narrator focuses on the importance of nature as part of women’s needs and their desire to have spiritual peace and enlightenment.

The strong relationship between ecology and feminism is dominating the whole story of Fatema’s childhood. The quotes taken from the novel are used to clarify the idea and stimulate the reader’s interest in the project. The quick review of the appearance of ecofeminism is a good introduction that gives a background for the reader.


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