The Effect of English Subtitle on Vocabulary Learning: EFL Intermediate Students


In order to learning L2 vocabularies, learners may use various techniques, one of these techniques is watching movies which usually counts as an entertainment but learners can use it as a method to learn vocabularies and improve their listening. In this study watching movies with English subtitle is surveyed. Learners in this research divided into a control group and an experimental group. Every group received a pre-test, a movie clip and a pos-test (every material was sent to them after they answered pervious part). The data were analyzed via a SPSS package version 16. A paired-samples T test was applied for EG and CG, and an Independent-samples T test. According to the results of this research, watching films with English subtitle improves learners’ vocabulary knowledge. 

Citation: Malek Ahmad Kord, Najmeh Arab Goorchooyi,   Zahra Mohammadi Dehaj (2022)  The Effect of English Subtitle on Vocabulary Learning: EFL Intermediate Students, European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology, Vol.10, No.1, pp.43-52

Keywords: Vocabulary learning, movie, subtitle


Article Review Status: Published

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