Comparative Analysis and Gender Effects of Students Academic Performance in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) In Physics between Year 2013 And 2017 In Ekiti State, Nigeria.


The study examines the comparative analysis and gender effects of students academic performance in Physics of male and female students for five years of S.S.C.E result across all the local government area of Ekiti State, Nigeria.  27,376 students comprising of  male= 12,927, female= 14,449 were sampled for the study. The researcher designed three research questions from the analysis of  the data collected from the Ekiti State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Planning, Research and Statistics Department, Ado-Ekiti and it were answered descriptively. The percentage, t-test and chi-square were used to analyze the data collected and two hypotheses were generated and was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The project concluded that Students’ performance in Physics in secondary school is no gender bias. However, male students are better in performance than female students. It was recommended  amongst others that Government, school management and individual should also encourage female students who performed well in Physics by given them scholarship or bursary award as it is being done in some secondary schools  like Principals’ award, Teachers’ award  or any other special awards.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, gender effects and secondary schools, physics

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