Achievement Motivation as a Predictor of Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Student in Mathematics


This study examined the achievement motivation as predictor of academic achievement among Senior Secondary School II students in Edo State The study sample consisted of 698 students who were randomly sampled from the population of 27,937 students in pubic secondary school II students in Edo Sate. The sample size of this study is 2.5% of the entire population of 27,937 which is 698. The sample was drawn from the population using the multi-stage sampling technique. This involves selection of sample in stages. There are eighteen Local Government Areas in Edo State, divided into three (3) senatorial  districts – Edo North (5 local Government Areas); Edo Central (6 Local Government Areas); Edo South (7 Local Government Areas).  Both the independent and dependent variables were measured with relevant standardized instruments.  To guide the study, three (3) research questions and a null hypothesis was raised.  Data collected were analyzed using Pearson r correlation coefficient and Stepwise multiple regression statistical techniques. The results showed that achievement motivation predicted students’ academic achievement in mathematic. On the basis of the findings, it was recommended that achievement motivation should be enhanced using appropriate counseling strategies.

Keywords: Achievement, Mathematics, Motivation, Student, senior secondary

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