Factors That Influence Student Behaviour in Secondary Schools


The focus of this paper is to review, examine and discuss the main factors that influence the behaviour of the secondary school students who are adolescents. The adolescent student is often in a difficult phase of his/her life and, therefore, important people in his/her life may negatively influence his/her behaviour at school. Factors that are related to the external system of his/her life are considered in this literature study. The study reveals that the school, the family, the peer pressure, the community and the new media negatively impact on the student behaviour. It concludes that these same systems should endeavour to teach socio-emotional skills to the students: this is likely to enhance their social competence. This may help eliminate student disruptive behaviour: this problem is a socio-emotional problem that requires socio-emotional approaches

Keywords: Adolescent, Disruptive Behaviour, Factors, Socio-Emotional Problem

Article Review Status: Published

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