The Extent to Which the Lives of Women in Conflict Prone Areas Have Been Affected: A Case of West and North Pokot Sub Counties, Kenya


There is no doubt that war affects women and men differently. Whenever there has been conflict, women and children have been known to be the most that are hard hit. This paper is a focus to determine the extent to which the lives of women in West and North Pokot have been affected by conflicts. The study was carried out in Kanyarkwat location, Katikatmor sub-location and Kopulio location, Nakuyen sub location of West and North Pokot respectively. Participation involved a random sample of two hundred women from each of the two study locations. A survey research design was used employing questionnaires and interviews as major data collection tools. Observation was also used to provide information and aid in observing actual behavior of the respondents. The findings reveal that women are largely affected by conflicts reporting displacement, sicknesses due to lack of hygiene, losses of family members and property, poverty, lack of schools and lack of medical facilities as being prevalent. The women end up living in a state of hopelessness and helplessness because of conflict related issues. Peace building capacities should be advocated for with women being fully involved. The government and other stake holders should also look for ways of alleviating the illiteracy rate in such areas at the same time creating awareness on the importance of being involved in peace building campaigns

Keywords: Affected, Conflict, Effects, Extent, North Pokot., West Pokot, Women

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