Analysis of Hot Spots and Development Trends of Gamification Learning Research in China Based On Co-Word Contribution Analysis


In order to analyze the research hotspots and development trends of domestic gamification learning, a co-word contribution analysis model was introduced. Using Bicomb and Spss tools, the co-word contribution analysis and cluster analysis of the 1738 articles related to gamification core database and gamification learning were carried out. The results show that the research hotspots of gamification learning mainly include theoretical basic research, the design and development of teaching games, the application of gamification learning, the educational application value of games and the role of gamification learning in teaching reform. The development trend in the next few years mainly focuses on the combination of gamification learning and hybrid learning, the combination of gamification learning and STEM, the combination of gamification learning and smart teaching, and the combination of gamification learning and new technology.

Keywords: Gamification learning; co-word contribution analysis; cluster analysis

Article Review Status: Published

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