A Novel approach to detect muscle strength imbalances via motion analysis using Sensory Inputs


The healthy practice of movements in every athlete is essential in the context of sports and exercise medicine. Since the incorrect biomechanics can result in injuries that would take a considerable amount of time to recover through rehabilitation. Thus, the domain experts have focused their research studies on injury prevention based on analysis of biomechanics of athletes when doing a certain exercise. These manual movement screening mechanisms bear multiple issues including the excessive time consumption, the essential presence of a domain expert as well as the erroneous observations. Thus, there is a need to evaluate injury risks accurately. The primary purpose of this research is to explore the suitability of a motion capture device when analyzing movement patterns to identify muscle imbalances biomechanical errors in order to prevent injury risk in the context of collegiate athletes.

Keywords: Motion tracking, Movement analysis, Musculoskeletal imbalance

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