Segmentation Approach to Develop the Use of E-Government Service Ontologies in Iraq Case Study


We can recognize e- government as an important mean to develop the government’s performance to be more sufficient and active, e-government lead to increment straight forwardness and adequacy in the state association, and in like manner the assignment of e-government is a system of advance that will develop the areas of occupants and agents to appreciate the new economy in view of knowledge and modern technology, applications, and also provides the possibility of citizens and civil society involvement in policy discussions of through coordinate exchange, and to bolster basic leadership, arrangement plan is seen a large portion of the nationals and their needs. There is still a real need to projects that serve all sectors and state institutions efficiently, still most institutions want to use solutions and applications to help in the work and service delivery management, but typically face a range of problems, including designs and studies, infrastructure for the project, licenses installation and operation, implementation and localization, training and support, maintenance and perpetuation and development and enlargement. This paper proposed framework to solve the previous problem of E-government in Iraq.

Keywords: Composite Web Services, E-government, Quality of Service, Saas Service.

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