An Improved Model for Financial Institutions Loan Management System: A Machine Learning Approach


The inability of financial instructions, especially the Microfinance Banks, to forecast for the need of borrowers in order to make provision for them has been a cause for concern. Applications are made and most times the reply is that funds are not available. This paper demonstrated the design and implementation of neural network model for development of an improved loan-based application management system. The back propagation algorithm was used to train the neural network model to ascertain corrections between the data and to obtain the threshold value. The data was collected over a period of three years from UCL machine learning repository.  The system was designed using object oriented methodology and implemented with Java programming language and MATLAB. The results obtained showed the mean squared error values 1.09104e-12, 5.56228e-9 and 5.564314e-4 for the training, testing and validation respectively. It was seen from the result that neural network can forecast the financial market with minimum error.

Keywords: Mean Square Error, Neural network, Regression, Validation, and Forecasting.

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