Application of Multimedia Principles- Post Graduate Students’ Experience


This study was an empirical survey that used the survey design on a random sample of 120 (one hundred and twenty) doctoral students of the University of Port Harcourt, from two given sessions. The instrument consisted of a 31-item Multimedia questionnaire divided into seven (7) sections. This instrument met the indices of both content validity and reliability. Some of the findings of the study were: texts still dominate most PowerPoint presentations; there is obvious difficulty in labeling complex graphics as such lines could intersect; occasional non reference to projected slides perhaps due to time factor, reading from slides in some cases; and the formal rather than conversational style of presentation, amongst other. The recommendations made were strictly tied to these major findings.

Keywords: : Modality, Contiguity, and personalization, coherence, redundancy, segmenting

Article Review Status: Published

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