An Adaptable Business Intelligence Model for Security Organizations


Business Intelligence (BI) shows prospect both in private and public sectors. It answers the questions of how things can be done and what result it holds. It was observed that most of the BI research centered on private sector with little or no attention to public sector like security organizations. With security organizations representing the heart of any society, the need arises for a well-integrated model that could aid security personnel towards an effective security implementation of any society. The paper studied one of the existing and popularly used model in Information System and observed the need to integrate a feasibility study for an effective BI system in the security organization. In conclusion, the paper developed an adaptable model that could help security organizations create better decision system and provision of a data warehouse of information.

Keywords: Business Intelligence, Information and Communication Technology, Knowledge Acquisition

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 58-65 (Download PDF)

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