Leveraging Information Technology (It) In Recruitment and Selection Processes- A Comparative Study


Information Technology (IT) has changed the business world many times over. In the Information Age, the advent of computers and the Internet has increased that impact significantly. Many businesses particularly banking industry cannot even function without the use of computer technology. This impact is seen in nearly all areas of business, including human resources, where technology continues to have a significant impact on Human Resource (HR) practices. The purpose of the study was to investigate the role of IT on HR functions in Fidelity Bank and National Investment Bank (NIB). The Survey approach was adopted for this study, with staff from the HR department as the subjects. The purposive sampling technique was adopted and the SPSS as an analytical tool was used to create tables and correlation of some variables. It was found out that Online Social Network (OSN) among other IT tools is mostly used for recruitment by private banks whereas daily newspapers are used by the public banks. Moreover, the study revealed that HR functions in scope and responsibilities have increased in the last three years in both private and public banks. Furthermore, it was revealed no relationship between the e-recruiting and employee performance. It is recommended that banks endeavour to heighten intensive application of existing HRIS and employee appraisal to help with the implementation of IT in HR functions.

Keywords: E-Recruitment, Human resource, Information Technology (IT), Online Social Network (OSN), Recruitment

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