Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) assists to communicate with limited frequency and bandwidth through the group of independent nodes. WSN has an extensive application in both industrial and commercial areas to manage peril environments incorporating nuclear power plants and wilderness areas. Cryptography is used for writing secret code and it is an ancient technique. Moreover Cryptography is required in data and telecommunications in order to communicate with unreliable medium especially in the internet. Cryptography technique is classified in several ways but for this paper, the technique will be classified on the basis of number of keys used for decryption and encryption. Elliptic Curve Cryptography is an efficient technique in providing security solution for wireless networks. As compared with traditional public key cryptography such as RSA, eclipse curve cryptography attains better result in providing security services. The findings reported that the newly developed protocol was more scalable, less weight and required less memory compared to symmetric based cryptography. This paper concludes that Cryptography is one such technique to confront security problems in WSN. However cryptography alone is not enough to confront WSN problems. It is essential to use the key management process carefully in order to achieve higher security system networks

Keywords: Cryptography, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, RSA, Wireless Sensor Network, system networks

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