Smart Automobile Self-Diagnosis Data Evaluation System


Citation: Samuel Damilola, Akhibi (2022) Smart Automobile Self-Diagnosis Data Evaluation System, European Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, Vol.10, No.1, pp.38-45

Abstract: The optimal performance of an automobile requires that underlining problems are checked at intervals by qualified technicians. Many a time, the checks are not carried out routinely until a fault in the vehicle raises its ugly head, this can cause disruptions of all kinds and disrupt the schedule of the owner. Over time, with the advent of technological advancement, there has been an increase in the usage of fault monitoring sensors in keeping track of the performance and maintenance requirements of automobiles. As the trend in technological advancement continues, diagnosis and evaluation techniques are now focused on a more active and user-centric system. In this paper, we would be analyzing current diagnosis and evaluation systems and looking into the research for self-diagnosing and evaluation for automotive systems

Keywords: Automobiles, Diagnosis, System, data, scanning


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