The Use and Management of ICT in Schools: Strategies for School Leaders


Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become commonplace entities in all aspects of life. Across the past twenty years the use of ICT has fundamentally changed the practices and procedures of nearly all forms of endeavour within business and governance. Education is a very socially oriented activity and quality education has traditionally been associated with strong teachers having high degrees of personal contact with learners. Many important changes have occurred in the last few years in the education systems, which will require teachers and school leaders to upgrade and refine their technology skills. Some of these changes are due to changes in government policies related to the use of information communication and technology (ICT) in schools while others are due to developments in state of the art pedagogical practices .As technology flows faster into the schools, many school leaders are facing a range of difficult management issues. This article discusses the potential use of ICT in schools and also issues related to ICT integration. In managing the use of ICT in schools some strategies are suggested and discussed for the school leaders to adhere to.

Keywords: ICT, Leaders, School, Strategies.

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