Comparative Analysis of Savings Behaviour of Co-Operative and Non-Co-Operative Farmers in Bayelsa State, Nigeria


The paper comparatively analyzed savings behavior of co-operative and non-co-operative farmer in Bayelsa State of Nigeria. The objectives of the paper were to compare the amount and frequency of savings of co-operative and non-co-operative farmers; to compare the determinants of savings among co-operative and non-co-operative farmers; and to determine the relationship between the co-operative membership and propensity to save among co-operative and non-co-operative farmers in the State. The population of the study comprised of 500 members of fifteen purposively selected registered farmers multipurpose co-operative societies in Bayelsa State.   Descriptive survey research design was adopted. A total sample of 444 respondents (222 cooperative farmers and 222 non-cooperative farmers) was selected using multi stage sampling technique. Both primary and secondary data were used for the study. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistical tools of mean, table, frequency distribution, mean percentages. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested using multiple regression models and The study revealed that cooperative membership stood out as a significant determinant of savings in the comparison of cooperative and non-cooperative farmers. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in both amount and frequency of savings of cooperative and non-cooperative farmers. Co-operative farmers saved more than non- co-operative farmers. The study concluded that cooperative membership have strong effect in the propensity to save. It was recommended that co-operative societies should be seen as critical partners in economic empowerment and be given a pride of place in different economic sectors in Bayelsa State.

Keywords: Bayelsa State, Savings, co-operative farmers, non-co-operative farmers

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